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Clans of the Stone Age

Our flag-ship game, Clans of the Stone Age has been released.   It is free to play and runs in the browser so no need to download, install anything; and you don’t even have to login.  The only thing required is the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which many will already have installed.

Imagine a time tens of thousands of years ago.  Small groups of people were spreading across the earth to seek out new sources of land and food.  Only the strongest and most resourceful survived.  Even more difficult was the feeding and caring for children who would lead a clan into the next generation.  Will your clan be able to eke out an existence or will your family become overwhelmed by the natural forces around you?

Image © Geoff-Taylor http://www.geofftaylor-artist.com/

The game will run on computers with browsers that support the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.  This includes PCs using either Internet Explorer, Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari, or Google Chrome.  Run on the Mac OS with either the Firefox or Safari browser.  Read more about Microsoft Silverlight, or Download the plugin.

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